Let the journey begin …

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Welcome to Views from a Bridge!

This is my first blog post; the first of many (I hope). As I write, I’m trying hard to ignore the stormy sea of emotion in my gut and the see-sawing thoughts in my head.

Weirdly, the soundtrack to all this internal action is the theme song from Milton the Monster Show, the animated cartoon series that aired on TV in the late ‘60s. You might remember …

I’ve certainly got the essence of terror, but my sauce has more of a self-doubt flavour, with a tincture of anticipation. And there’s no question I need some hand holding because I’m feeling sick. I’ve just birthed a brand-new blog. OMG!

I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging for a couple of years now. Spent untold hours thinking and contemplating, researching and reading other blogs, completing short courses and learning how to setup a website. Convinced myself this ground work was essential. Become somewhat of an expert toy-er. And how many actual blog posts have I written during this toying period? Zero.

So, why stop procrastinating now, I hear you ask.

Well …

  • Words are meaningless without intent and follow through.

Some time ago, I shared my blogging idea with close friends and family. This was a blatant attempt by me to set up some external accountability. In keeping with this plan, they often ask me how it’s going and when I will publish. And I’m starting to run low on excuses.

I encourage my kids to put themselves out there, take chances and pursue their dreams, but my words are empty unless I also walk the talk. I don’t want them to see me as a ‘gunna’ – someone who talks about doing a thing but never follows through. I want to set a good example. So, no more excuses!

There’s no time like the present, no better day than today, no righter time than right now. ~ Richard Branson

I’m enjoying an extended sabbatical and with that comes the luxury of time. Time to think and reflect on my life, re-discover myself, my purpose, my goals, what makes me happy … It’s a privilege and an opportunity made possible by my ever supportive and encouraging husband Ty*, and I feel duty-bound to make the most of it. Carpe diem!

Words are a lens to focus one’s mind. ~ Ayn Rand

I love words. I see beauty and power in the careful selection and masterful arrangement of words to inform, challenge, influence, inspire, evoke and transport the reader. The process of writing and searching for the right word also gives me a clarity of thought, understanding and self-awareness that might otherwise take years of counselling to acquire. And Lord knows, I can do with the DIY therapy!

… which brings me to the name and theme of this blog: Views from a Bridge – Reflections en route to meaning.

For the most part, career/business-building and family-raising are behind me and retirement is still a few years away. So, you could say I’m in a kind of ‘no man’s land’. On the bridge between life as I’ve known it to this point and life as it could be in the future. It’s an interesting position from which to view the world.

As I stand on that bridge, I’m examining and questioning what I see through the prism of 50+ years of lived experience, and trying to remain open to all that I’m yet to know and learn. It’s a unique perspective, one that’s triggering a myriad of thoughts I want to analyse and share.

I hope Views from a Bridge will be my trusty companion on this journey of self-reflection and discovery, a vehicle through which I can make sense of the world around me and find meaning and purpose in this next phase of my life.

Are you on some kind of journey? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

Maybe we can travel in parallel and keep each other company along the way.

* not his real name